• Electronic limit switching
  • Can be used for wind-resistant screens (locking system)
  • Blockage detection in both directions with automatic reversal and multiple testing
  • Automatic shading solution length adjustment
  • Intelligent installation management
  • Easy limit position setting with adjustment set – outer limit position by pressing a button, upper limit position automatically
  • Setting of limit positions via conventional operating element, e. g. rotary switch
  • Limit positions status indicator (LSI) signals missing limit positions
  • Supports parallel connection without isolating relay
  • Soft upper stop – optimum adaptation of closing forces for fabric protection
  • Motor head can be overwrapped
  • Motor protected against overheating
  • Suitable for left and right installation  

Produkte dieses Modells

L50-E16 ... L120-E16

R8-E16 ... R40-E16

P5-E16 ... P9-E16

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